Our Gardening Extravaganza!

Hello everyone who will potentially read this blog and be in awe of our lovely community garden. Here at Albright College in Reading, Pa we have set out to create a garden full of biodiversity and delicious produce that our local community can enjoy. We use certain permaculture practices which allow us to sustain a garden throughout generations. In permiculture it is important to try to imitate  nature to the best of ones ability and we accomplish this by  using the resources we have readily available to their highest potential. By using the byproducts of other facilities on campus we are able to limit the amount of negative impact we have on the environment as well as cultivate our garden sustainably. We do not use pesticides or any type of herbacide, so if we encounter a problem we have to be creative without harming the natural cycle.

Our goal is partly to allow Albright community members the oppurtunity to own their own plots and take part in our weekly garden stands. Within their plots they are allowed to grow whatever they wish right next to our large garden.  Secondly, we wanted to create a sense of communuity here at Albright and by making this blog we can expand our network to a wider range of people. Everyone is welcomed to come and pitch in whenever they are able to. I am one of the four Albright College Garden interns this summer and you’ll all be hearing a lot from me! I also included some pictures of the garden 🙂








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