Makin’ it rain…vegetables

Today we had our first garden table of the season! We had Swiss chard, sun tea, turnips, all kinds of lettuce and a bunch of big leaves that I later learned were mustard greens! We made some money which actually isn’t the point of our garden.
Making connections is! Lately Ellen and I have been working on finding local businesses that would be interested in selling their goods at our stands. We have someone who makes jams and jellies and also someone who makes hot sauce. Spreading the word about sustainable living is how to get things done. To make a change in the world you have to start small, and your neighborhood is a great place to start.
Everyone likes to help their community, so giving them the opportunity to do so,is what is happening here. Let’s make local homegrown agriculture a bigger thing and spread the word of what awesome benefits it can have!

Start a garden of your own! Watching a piece of nature grow in front of you is a special experience. We all make connections with things we make. Our garden is like a baby that we have to take care of, nurture and send away to get eaten……. But, It’s amazing the connections we can make with our food. Knowing that you grew something that you are eating is a rewarding experience. Plus you know EXACTLY what you are eating and where it came from.

Let’s be an essential part of the environment
We are all living in it so why not be a part of it and celebrate it?

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