Growth for All

Garden Intern Ellen Underwood here everyone! Enjoy 🙂

The first ambitious fireflies have begun to dance among our bountiful garden, a home of new life for not only these beautiful creatures, but for us and the plants we have cultivated together. I sit here at our resident red picnic table as dusk pulls its cool dark cover over the sky and the leaves curl to rest for the night. As I watch this, I feel the rushing power of all that this garden provides. Although it is only the start of our season, we have helped build and continue a playground of brainstorming, collaboration, innovative ideas, community, and beauty. The garden is a place of growth for all. My hopes are to narrate the beauty of the garden experience as we continue with our season; to bring joy, inspiration, or appreciation to your daily lives as you read this blog. I want you all to share in our successes and hardships, and hopefully create peace and beauty in your own permaculture gardens one day.

Already we have seen our garden bounce back from the nasty hail storm that affected our community and despite pests finding happy homes feeding on our crops, they continue to fight and grow strong (and whose to say they’re pests in some ways…everyone’s gotta eat!). Though only the first of many challenges, this garden’s incessant desire to live and grow strong has only strengthened Alyssa and my desires to nurture it, and reminds me in general of life’s admirable nature to survive.

The bounty and beauty of the garden brings me great happiness and fulfillment, but the community that surrounds it is the sour cream on the potato! As Alyssa and I go about our duties (although they feel very much the opposite of a job), we are intermittently greeted with warm smiles and friendly hellos by community plot members stopping by to spend time  with their veggies. During our stand, we were met with passionate interest in locally produced food and more warm smiles. Alyssa and I have also been connected with many community members to help out with various jobs, allowing us to continually make positive contributions to our local area and help some people out!  On an even smaller scale, Alyssa and I have spent many days and nights sitting at the red picnic table, watching our garden, talkin’ about life, and coming up with of ideas for the garden. Dr. Jennings has led us into this beautiful project that continues to grow every year , and it has become so clear to me that this, and all gardens, are cultivators of connection. As we cultivate them, they cultivate us, creating an inspiring cycle of providing and positivity.

I will leave you with two reminders: Keep checking up on our blog, and take a moment to appreciate the overwhelming beauty of our natural world (:

Keep it green y’all


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