Garden Withdrawl

I’m spending a few days in the big AC (Atlantic City for you non eastern coasters) it’s great and I’ll have a wonderful time at the beach, but I’ll miss my adorable garden and the luscious plants that Ellen and I have been nurturing for 2 months. I love getting my hands filthy and frolicking throughout the garden and taking in the beauty of my garden. Im thinking about all of the people we are going to feed this summer and it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach.

FUN FACT! There is a Reading Pa Sustainability festival on July 19 th and Albright College has been Invited to Display all of the efforts we have made toward becoming a green campus! So of course our Permaculture Garden will be showcased! I’m excited to show reading how much we have grown. We are going to meet so many environmentally conscious people that love local business and being innovative. I’m going to mingle like crazy to get everyone familiar with what is happening at Albright and in the garden.

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