Meet This Season’s Interns: Alyson Hutter

Gardener from the Garden State

Aly blog 2 Aly blog

Hello all! I’m Aly! I’m an environmental science and marine aquatics major hoping to go to graduate school and study inter tidal zones in South America. I am a traveler and beach lover who grew up exploring the beaches of South Jersey where I grew up enjoying life in island time. I am a flower child at heart and love all things on earth which leads me here to the garden.

As summer approaches and the semester has come to an end, Ellen and I have started to organize our To-do list and prepare to jump feet first into the summer of gardening and teaching. I am excited to continue to learn from Ellen, Dr. Jennings, the other interns and the many community members who will impact my experience of bettering my garden skills while also teaching the future generations the importance of garden and the blessing a garden can give you. I am very eager to learn more about traveling through the life of the plant from seedling to produce while learning that some things will be eaten by pest and other will draw species in such as the bees. The bee family is very important to the garden and I enjoy watching them, but from afar because unfortunately I am highly allergic.

Growing up in the Garden State, there was always a farmers market in town and you always knew the people selling you the fruits, vegetable and homemade jams. I am excited to now be the producer of food as well as the receiver. I feel it is important to see both sides of the table as you buy and sell food that was tended to with love and care.

Already the growth in the garden has made me feel like a proud mother, watching the seeds sprout and caring for the well-being of the plants has kept me sane during the final weeks of the semester and I am sure they will be completely worth it while I am spending my summer watching them grow up. I have grown to enjoy the happiness the garden brings me. I am very excited that Ellen and I will be spreading that happiness to the first graders at 13th and Union in the upcoming weeks (which I will write more about once that project is completed!).

“Leave nothing but footprints take nothing but pictures, Kill nothing but time”

xo Aly

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