Meet This Year’s Interns: Ellen Underwood

Hey Folks! You may or may not remember me (and my blog posts) from last year, but I’m Ellen Underwood (pictured middle), a returning intern and this year’s Garden Manager! I am an Environmental Science and Spanish major starting my second season in the garden. I am very excited to be managing the garden this summer because my career interest is in urban permaculture, making this a perfect experiential learning opportunity!

In addition to the garden internship, I will be the sustainability intern for Aramark this upcoming school year and during the next two years I will be working on putting a sustainable garden in at Goggle Works. Currently I work at a 1 acre farm in Mertztown, the Albright Gingrich Library, and Albright’s science building greenhouse. I am also president of the Albright Arts Magazine and a member of E.C.O. club. In my free time (what little of it I get!) I enjoy attending local music shows, reading, writing, rock climbing, hanging out in coffee shops, slack-lining, hiking, and camping.

So far, the garden has been incredible opportunity for myself and my fellow interns to learn from experts in the field of gardening and environmentalism. We have had the ability to jump right into planting, picking, and maintaining the garden while seeking help and guidance along the way as inevitable issues (and successes!) arise. But not only do we get experience with growing, we also get some super valuable business training. By running the garden stand every week, we learn all about presentation, advertising, networking, pricing, understanding customer needs, and the value of being prepared.

The Albright Garden experience is a great one so we hope you will join us during this 2015 season on our little blog to hear all about our garden tales, and see what I’m sure will be a plethora of pictures to accompany them.

In the meantime, Happy Gardening and Keep it Green!

With Love,


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