A Few Square Feet of Fathomless Beauty

If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’re sure to be aware thall gardenat I always take the road of enjoying the little things. Of recognizing the joy and beauty in every little moment, and as sustainably growing food is my life’s greatest passion, I’m all about doing it right here in the garden.

The other morning, I awoke (much earlier than usual) to glittering sunlight dancing through my window. I smiled and yawned knowing it would be a blessed day, with the call to make my way out the garden the first and strongest feeling I had. And so, I hopped out of bed and went straight to my camera, attached a lens, and felt a shiver of excitement for how perfect the light was and how happy I knew the plants were to have such beautiful rays to soak up all day.

Boy was I right. The flowers and blossoms were fully unfurled, happy accepting lots of pollinator visitors. The leaves were buoyant and strong, and all the plants were basking in their potential: carrying hundreds of green fruits on the brink of ripening into heavenly goodness.

So here, for you, are some of my favorite shots from this day. And with that I want to remind you all to take a moment to be overjoyed by what you’ve helped create in your garden, of the incredible feat of each individual seed growing into incredibly delicious sustenance, and of your incredible feat of nurturing them into such success.

-With much green love,


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