Fish Emulsion

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Today I will be explaining the function and benefits of fish emulsion for organic gardening.

So… what is fish emulsion? Fish emulsion is an organic fertilizer made from leftover parts of fish.

Yes, the smell and/or thought is unsavory but, fish emulsion benefits your plants by providing them with nutrients, amino acids, proteins, and oils. Furthermore, it feeds the plants and microbes while also improving general soil structure.

When using fish emulsion in your garden, use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. Make sure that you back the fertilization with a thorough soak to the soil around your plant(s); this will further allow your plant(s) to absorb the newly added nutrients.

Because fish emulsion is a better but, unfortunately, expensive alternative to organic fertilization, below is a link on how to make your own fish emulsion, as homemade fish emulsion has more nutrients through using whole fish rather than industries who only use fish scraps.

Fish Emulsion Fertilizer – Tips For Using Fish Emulsion On Plants

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Recipe of the week- Ratatouille:

-peel and slice 1-2 (depending on serving size) yellow zucchini/squash and eggplant-asian eggplant is slimmer thus making ideal slices

-use tomato base (or dice about 10 paste tomatoes mixing with 1 cup of flour)

– Season with thyme, oregano, parsley, salt, and pepper to your liking (I prefer about 3 medium sized branches of thyme and a decent amount of salt).

^ bring these items together in a large pot or large deep pan, cover, and simmer on low for about 2 hours

[Ratatouille makes a nice side dish- my good friend and intern Renee Gares and I added ground sausage to the stew which made it a heartier meal]


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