Help! Bugs have infested my crops

Hello friends,

My name is Gerald Ringgold, i’m fortunate enough  to be one of the interns taking care of the garden this summer. Due to a bug infestation (specifically on the potato plants) i have looked into a few ways to combat these unwanted creatures. I was pleased to see how many of the remedies provided additional benefits to the well being of the plants, as well as ward off these hungry insect species. As gardeners we put a lot of pressure on the garden, we strive to yield the highest most nutrient rich produce usually under some desired aesthetic look and on top of that they face the many environmental stressors. With that being said, effective but harmful chemical pesticides introduce foreign material that these plants will attempt to break down, in some cases causing more stress on the plant. These few, quick remedies provide a natural and environmentally safe alternative to facilitate a healthy growth in your produce.

-An effective way to push away pest is with odor. If you’re growing any peppers, they can be chopped and boiled into a water based solution that can be sprayed on your produce, odors such as peppers and mint have been known to keep away pests. A Garlic and cayenne pepper solution could also be used.

-Due to its composition of calcium carbonate, egg shells in either their cracked form or a blended powder are beneficial in both keeping slugs and snail off of produce and an effective additive to the soil.

-Banana peels can be buried in proximity to produce pressured by aphids. The decomposition of the peel is said to repel most unwanted species and offer a source of potassium to the stressed plants.

A few quick and easy natural remedies to assist our produce in a successful growth. Rather than visiting your local home depot to buy a man-made pesticide, you can look in your own kitchen or garden for your weapon of choice.

Thank you for reading!


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